Bey all Day – Interview with Viral Star Cassandra Brown

Amor Socials Founder, Alexandra Amor had the chance to meet up with Viral Star, Cassandra Brown – “That girl who Danced to Beyonce on the back of a car.” The two talked about Beyonce, shared some ice cream and took a few photos with AMS Photographer Stason Bobo.

Read more to see what else is behind Cassie’s dance moves!

What are your 3 favorite Beyonce Records?
Who Run the World (Girls), Drunk in Love, Deja Vu

What fun fact would you like your new followers to know about Cassie?
I was class clown in High School, I love being active, and I have 6 siblings.

What do you love to do when you aren’t breaking down Yonce moves?
Heading to Orange Theory Fitness , spending all my money at Target or schmoozing my BBQ bae Billy.

How many glasses of Prosecco does it take until Yonce comes out?
I wish it was a lot, but honestly, if you asked people who have been friends with me, they would say that is always me sober or when I have had a few glasses of champagne . Yonce comes out when the mood is right!

Is there anything else AMS should know?
I am so delighted at the outcome of this video and the amount of people that got to smile or laugh simply from me being me. I am just your average girl next store doing what makes me happy and if its making others happy , then I am doing something right.

“You have the same hours in a day as Beyonce”

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Last but not least…..

Who run the world?

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  1. This girl has entertained me her whole life , she is who you see, funny, happy and so beautiful, keep the world dancing Cassie ❤️️

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